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China supplier Precision Steering Shaft Double Cardan Moog Drive Car Jeep Truck Automobile Heavy Duty Small Axle Universal Elastic Coupling

Product Description

Precision Steering Shaft Double Hardy Spicer Cardan Moog Drive Car Jeep Truck Automobile Heavy Duty Small Axle Universal U coupling Joints

A universal joint, also known as a U-joint, is a type of coupling used to connect 2 shafts at an angle. It is typically used in applications where the 2 shafts are not aligned, such as in automotive drivetrains or industrial machinery.

The universal joint consists of 2 yokes (also called forks) and a cross-shaped member that connects the 2 yokes. The cross-shaped member has 4 bearing cups, each holding a needle roller bearing. The bearing cups are pressed into the yokes, then attached to the shafts to be connected.

As the shafts rotate, the universal joint allows for some degree of misalignment between them, while still transmitting torque from 1 post to the other. The needle roller bearings in the bearing cups allow for smooth and efficient rotation, even at high speeds.

Universal joints are available in several configurations, including single-joint, double-joint, and telescoping joint designs. They can also be made from various materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastic.

Overall, a universal joint provides a flexible and reliable way to connect 2 shafts at an angle to each other. Accommodating misalignment between the 2 shafts, it can help to reduce wear and tear on the equipment and improve overall system efficiency and reliability.

elastic coupling

Material Selection and Design Durability of Elastic Couplings

The choice of materials for elastic couplings significantly influences their design and overall durability. Material selection affects factors such as flexibility, torsional stiffness, fatigue resistance, and resistance to environmental conditions. Here’s how material selection plays a crucial role:

  • Elastomer Material: The elastomer used in elastic couplings determines the coupling’s flexibility, vibration absorption capabilities, and resilience. Common elastomers include natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and polyurethane. The selected elastomer should provide the desired level of elasticity and durability while maintaining its properties over time.
  • Hub and Spacer Material: The hubs and spacers of elastic couplings are typically made from metals like steel, aluminum, or alloy materials. These components need to be strong enough to transmit torque while accommodating misalignments and vibrations. The material should also resist wear, corrosion, and fatigue.
  • Bolt or Pin Material: Bolts or pins used to connect the hubs and elastomer element must possess sufficient strength to handle the torsional forces and loads. They should be made from materials with high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Environmental Factors: Depending on the application environment, material selection should consider factors such as temperature, moisture, chemicals, and UV exposure. The chosen materials should be able to withstand these conditions without deterioration.

Ultimately, a well-considered material selection enhances the coupling’s durability, operational performance, and resistance to wear, ensuring that the elastic coupling can reliably function under varying conditions and loads.

elastic coupling

Backlash in Elastic Couplings

Backlash refers to the amount of play or clearance between mating components in a mechanical system, particularly in elastic couplings. In an elastic coupling, backlash is the angular movement or rotation that occurs when there is a change in direction of the input shaft without an immediate response from the output shaft.

Backlash is a result of the elasticity and flexibility of the coupling’s components, such as the elastomer or other flexible elements. When the input direction changes, the elastic elements need to overcome their deformation before transmitting torque to the output shaft. This delay can lead to a temporary loss of motion and reduced precision in positioning applications.

Backlash can have a negative impact on the accuracy, repeatability, and overall performance of a machinery system. It can result in positioning errors, reduced responsiveness, and even potential damage to the system. Therefore, minimizing backlash is crucial in applications that require high precision and responsiveness.

Engineers can address backlash in elastic couplings by selecting couplings with lower compliance, optimizing the design to minimize the flexibility of the coupling elements, and using additional components like anti-backlash devices or preloaded mechanisms.

elastic coupling

Benefits of Using Elastic Couplings in Industrial Machinery

Elastic couplings offer several advantages when used in industrial machinery:

  • Misalignment Compensation: Elastic couplings can accommodate small angular, axial, and radial misalignments between connected shafts. This ability to compensate for misalignment helps prolong the life of machinery components and reduces the risk of premature wear.
  • Vibration Damping: The elastic element in the coupling absorbs and dampens vibrations generated during operation. This feature improves the overall smoothness of machinery operation, reduces noise, and minimizes the transmission of vibrations to other parts of the system.
  • Shock Absorption: Elastic couplings absorb sudden shocks or impacts that may occur during operation. By reducing the impact load on the connected components, the coupling helps prevent damage and extends the lifespan of the machinery.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The flexibility and shock-absorbing properties of elastic couplings contribute to lower maintenance requirements. Machinery components experience less stress and wear, resulting in longer intervals between maintenance tasks.
  • Protection of Equipment: Elastic couplings act as a protective barrier between connected machinery. They isolate vibrations and shocks, preventing these forces from propagating throughout the system and potentially causing damage.
  • Improved Efficiency: By minimizing misalignment-related losses and reducing vibrations, elastic couplings contribute to improved machinery efficiency. This can lead to energy savings and better overall performance.

In summary, elastic couplings play a crucial role in enhancing the reliability, longevity, and efficiency of industrial machinery by addressing misalignment, dampening vibrations, absorbing shocks, and minimizing maintenance needs.

China supplier Precision Steering Shaft Double Cardan Moog Drive Car Jeep Truck Automobile Heavy Duty Small Axle Universal Elastic Coupling  China supplier Precision Steering Shaft Double Cardan Moog Drive Car Jeep Truck Automobile Heavy Duty Small Axle Universal Elastic Coupling
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China Coupling Manufacturer MH90 Rubber Coupling flexible shaft connector Factory Price Cast iron high quality motor drive supplier

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What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a device that connects two shafts together. It transmits power from one to the other and is used to join rotating equipment. It can also allow for some degree of misalignment and end movement. It is used in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. To learn more about couplings, read this article.
gearboxMechanical connection between two objectsThe present invention relates to a method and assembly for forming a mechanical connection between two objects. The methods of this invention are suitable for connecting both solid and hollow objects. For example, the method can be used to make mechanical connections between two cylinders. This method is particularly useful for connecting two cylinders that are positioned near each other.

Absorbs vibration

A coupling insert is a part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that absorbs vibrations. These inserts are designed to prevent couplings from moving out of phase. However, the coupling inserts themselves can wear out and need to be replaced. Universal joints are an alternative if the coupling is out of phase by more than one degree. In addition, internal bearings in the coupling need to be lubricated and replaced when they begin to show signs of wear.
Another embodiment of the invention includes a flexible coupling 25 that includes rearwardly-extending lugs that extend toward the coupling member 23. These lugs interdigitate with corresponding lugs on the coupling member 23. They are spaced circumferentially. A first elastic member 28 is interposed between lugs 26 and 27, and is adapted to yield in a counterclockwise direction. As a result, it absorbs torsional vibrations.

Blocks heat transfer

Thermal coupling occurs when a solid block is thermally coupled to the air or fluid passing through it. The amount of heat transferred through a solid block depends on the heat transfer coefficients of the materials. This paper presents a numerical model to understand how heat transfers through different block materials. This work also describes the thermal resistance network for a one-dimensional block.
In some cases, thermal coupling increases the heat transfer mechanism. As illustrated in FIG. 1D, a heatpipe coupler 112 couples two heatpipes 110-1 and 110-2. This configuration allows the pipes to be coupled to the heat source and to the condenser. In addition, the heat pipe couplers may have bellows at the ends to help facilitate linear motion.
Thermal coupling is achieved by ensuring that at least one block is made of a material with a lower thermal expansion coefficient than the annulus. Ideally, the block’s mean thermal expansion coefficient is at least twenty percent lower than the annulus’s mean thermal expansion coefficient. This ensures that the thermal coupling between the two parts is as efficient as possible.
Another type of thermal coupling is achieved by using flexible elements. These are often washers or springs. These components allow the blocks to maintain physical contact with the post 55, which means that the heat transfer is more efficient even at higher temperatures. The flexibility of these elements also makes it possible to choose an element that will not impede assembly.

Protects rotating equipment

A reliable, long-lasting coupling system can reduce the risk of damage to rotating equipment. Designed to protect against torque overload and wear, Voith torque-limiting couplings provide outstanding safety and reliability. As a result, they can deliver maximum performance and minimize equipment downtime. In addition to their long-term benefits, these solutions are ideal for applications where safety and reliability are of paramount importance.
A good coupling provides many advantages, including the ability to transmit power, compensate for axial movement, and absorb shock. It is essential to choose the proper coupling for your application based on the basic conditions of your rotating equipment. For example, if you have two shafts with parallel rotation axes, you should choose a parallel coupling. Otherwise, you should use an angular coupling.
Torque-limiting couplings can also provide protection for rotating equipment by disengaging at a specific torque level. This protects the drive shaft from undergoing catastrophic failure. Torque limiters are particularly helpful for high-value equipment. By preventing catastrophic failure, you can avoid expensive repairs and minimize equipment downtime.
Coupling guards are easy to install and provide effective protection for rotating equipment. These covers are made of sheet metal bent to fit over the shaft. They are durable and easy to remove when necessary. This type of guard can prevent employees from catching their hands, tools, or loose clothing on motor coupling components.
China Coupling Manufacturer MH90 Rubber Coupling flexible shaft connector Factory Price Cast iron high quality motor drive     supplier China Coupling Manufacturer MH90 Rubber Coupling flexible shaft connector Factory Price Cast iron high quality motor drive     supplier
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China drive shaft coupling pipe quick coupling connection coupling agent ultrasound

Warranty: 3 months
Applicable Industries: Accommodations, Production Plant, Machinery Repair Stores, Foodstuff & Beverage Manufacturing unit
Personalized assist: OEM
Composition: Disc
Adaptable or Rigid: Adaptable
Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard
Material: Aluminium
outer diameter: 25mm
d1 Bore: 5mm
d2 Bore: 8mm
length: 19mm
Packaging Details: carton box

generate shaft coupling pipe fast coupling connectionFeaturesCoupling assembled by urgent a polyurethane sleeve into hubs on equally sidesZero backlash
Resistant to oil and electrical insulationIdentical clockwise and anticlockwise rotation characteristicsSuperior spring torque can take up vibration, parallel, angular misalignments and shaft stop-play.
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Testing MachinePlug and dial
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Types of Couplings

A coupling is a device that connects two shafts together. It transmits power from one end to another and is used for joining rotating equipment. A coupling is flexible and can accommodate a certain amount of end movement and misalignment. This allows for more flexibility in applications. Various types of couplings are available, and each one serves a specific purpose.

Shaft couplings

There are many types of shaft couplings, and they are used in a wide range of applications. The type you need depends on the torque, speed, and horsepower you need, as well as the size of the shaft and its spatial limitations. You may also need to consider whether the coupling will accommodate misalignment.
Some shaft couplings are flexible, while others are rigid. Flexible couplings can accommodate up to two degrees of misalignment. They are available in different materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. They can also be known by different names, depending on the industry. Some couplings can also be used in a single or multiple-shaft application.
The first type of shaft coupling is a rigid coupling, which consists of two parts that fit together tightly around the shafts. These couplings are designed to have more flexibility than sleeved models, and they can be used on fixed shafts as well. The flanged coupling, on the other hand, is designed for heavy loads and is made of two perpendicular flanges. The flanges are large enough to accommodate screws and are generally used with heavy-duty applications.
CZPT shaft couplings are a great choice if you’re looking for a shaft coupling that delivers high performance, durability, and low cost. These metal disc-style couplings provide low backlash and high torsional stiffness. Their high misalignment tolerance reduces reaction loads on connected components, which makes them ideal for high-speed precision applications. Available in single and double-disc models, they have torque ratings of up to 2,200 in-lbs. (250N) and are available in fourteen sizes.
When using shaft couplings, it is important to choose the right type for your application. Backlash can cause a shaft coupling to break or become unusable. In order to prevent this from happening, you should replace worn or loose parts, and ensure that the hub and key are evenly positioned with the shaft. If you’re using a shaft coupling in a motion-control system, it is important to keep the torque level consistent.

Flexible couplings

Flexible couplings are a type of coupling used to connect two shafts. They are made of rubber or plastic and allow for axial movement of the connected equipment. They do not require lubrication and are resistant to fatigue failure. Flexible couplings are useful for a number of applications. A common type of flexible coupling is the gear coupling, which has gear teeth inside its sleeve. Another type of flexible coupling is the metallic membrane coupling. A metallic membrane coupling is flexible due to flexing metallic discs.
One major disadvantage of flexible couplings is their inability to fit certain types of pipe. This is because most couplings need to be stretched to fit the pipe. This problem is often the result of a change in pipe technology. Traditionally, drain and soil pipe is made of ductile iron or cast iron. Today, most pipes are made of PVC, which has a larger outside diameter than either cast or ductile iron. Because of these changes in pipe technology, many coupling manufacturers have not updated their mold sizing.
Flexible couplings can be either metallic, elastomeric, or a combination of the three. While there are some common characteristics of each type, you should always consider the tradeoffs of each type before choosing one. Generally, the most important considerations when selecting a flexible coupling are torque, misalignment, and ease of assembly and maintenance.
Flexible couplings are used in a wide range of industries. They are useful for connecting two pipes to ensure torque transfer. Although the types available are different, these are the most adaptable couplings in the market. They can withstand movement, vibration, and bending without causing any damage to the piping.

Clutch couplings

A clutch coupling connects two rotating shafts by friction. The clutch engages power when the engine is running, disengaging power when the brake is applied. Clutch couplings are used in applications where the speed of a machine is variable or where continuous service is required. The clutch can transmit power, torque, and axial force.
Clutch couplings come in a variety of styles and configurations. Some couplings are flexible, while others are rigid. Flexible couplings are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. Some couplings also have a non-backlash design, which helps compensate for misalignment.
Clutch couplings may be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous couplings engage and disengage automatically when the driven machine exceeds its output speed. These couplings are synchronized by a synchronizing mechanism. When the output speed is exceeded, the synchronizing mechanism initiates the engagement process. The synchronizing mechanism does not engage or disengage when the output speed drops.
High speed clutches are available from a variety of manufacturers. Some manufacturers offer OEM assembly, repair services, and third-party logistics. These manufacturers serve the automotive, chemical, food, and wood industries, as well as the oilfield and material handling industries. Custom clutches can be manufactured for specific applications and can be fitted with additional features, such as precision machined teeth or keyway slots and grooves.
Couplings are available in PCE, C/T, and metric bores. Typically, the size of the input and output shafts will determine which type of coupling is needed. In addition, clutches may be configured for intermediate or high speeds, depending on the required torque.

Clamped couplings

Clamped couplings are commonly used in a variety of industries. They can be used in medical equipment, dental equipment, military equipment, laboratory equipment, and in precision industrial controls. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and keyways. This type of coupling offers a number of advantages, including ease of installation and quick and easy replacement.
A clamp coupling connects two parts by compressing them together. The clamping elements can be formed in a variety of ways, but they all have a gap between their surfaces. This friction squeezes the two parts together, much like pulling two rubber gloves apart. This type of coupling is also useful for joining two hoses or piping units.
Clamped couplings are designed with a single or double clamping shaft. The clamping parts are mounted in two halves and are held together by eight socket head cap screws. They offer high torque capacity and require little installation space. Their high rigidity ensures good positioning accuracy, making them ideal for dynamic drives. In addition, they are wear-free and offer simple radial assembly.
The invention relates to a method and system for clamping pipes to a tank vessel. This invention also relates to a method of loading and unloading tank vessels. The method can be used in oil production platforms and other platforms. A single point mooring method is also used in oil production platforms.
Clamped couplings can also be flexible. They can join two shafts together while allowing a small amount of end movement and misalignment. These couplings may also be used in the assembly of motors and gearboxes.

CZPT’s coupling

CZPT couplings are designed to be flexible, allowing them to accommodate misaligned shafts and transmit torque in either direction. They are made with three discs, two hubs, and a center that are arranged with grooves and fins. These features allow for two degrees of freedom during assembly, and can accommodate misalignment of up to 5% of the shaft diameter.
CZPT couplings have many uses. For example, they can be used to join two parallel coaxial rotating shafts. Their ability to transmit torque at the same rotation mechanism and speed makes them ideal for applications where electrical currents may be a problem. Because the couplings are not made of metal, they are electrically isolated. Designers should test their couplings during the prototype stage to ensure they are working properly.
The CZPT coupling consists of two hubs with one slot on each. An intermediate disk is located between the two hubs. The discs are used to reduce or prevent wear on other machine parts. CZPT couplings are inexpensive and easy to replace. They also have electrical insulation, which makes them easy to repair or replace.
CZPT couplings are a popular choice for stepper motor-driven positioning stages. The plastic center disc offers electrical isolation and absorbs shocks from frequent start/stops. These couplings are available in through-hub and blind-bore styles and can be installed in many applications.
CZPT couplings also allow for small degrees of shaft misalignment. This allows them to function in systems where shaft access is limited. They are easily removed without tools.
China drive shaft coupling pipe quick coupling connection     coupling agent ultrasoundChina drive shaft coupling pipe quick coupling connection     coupling agent ultrasound
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China Best Seller Wide Application Gear Joint Drive Shaft CR XL2# Star Flexible Elastic Coupling capacitor coupling

Applicable Industries: metallurgy, mining, Petroleum, Chemical sector, Compressor, Lifting, Transportation, Light sector, Textile, Water pump, Admirer
Tailored support: OEM, ODM
Versatile or Rigid: Versatile
Normal or Nonstandard: Common
Materials: 45 # steel
Solution identify: Star elastic coupling
Location of origin: China ZheJiang

Software discipline:Metallurgy. Mining. Petroleum. Chemical industry. Compressors. Lifting. Transportation. Light-weight market. Textiles. H2o pump, HangZhou CNC Company OEM Custom Pinion Metal Gears For Sale fan,etc.Mainly applicable to the surroundings:Start frequently. Reverse change. Large and low velocity, medium torque and substantial dependability specifications.Attribute:Polyurethane elastomer is limited by convex claw block, which can stay away from internal deformation brought on by affect and exterior deformation triggered by centrifugal drive.The large concave surface of the jaw decreases the surface area stress on the involute enamel.It has the houses of compensating 2 axis relative offset, cushioning, shock absorption and put on resistance.Suited for connecting 2 coaxial axis push shaft system, appropriate for widespread instances.Way to install:Keyway fastening screw set up: depend on keyway transmission, via key and keyway with the realization of torque transfer,set screw avoid essential sliding in the keyway, can attain higher torque transfer. The allowable torque relies upon on the allowable stress on the keyway area. It should be famous that this construction is not ideal for weighty load optimistic and unfavorable rotation the place no backlash is required. Parameter desk: Specification

Product identifyStar elastic coupling
Material45 # metal
Place of OriginChina
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Types of Couplings

A coupling is a device used to join two shafts together and transmit power. Its purpose is to join rotating equipment while permitting a degree of end movement and misalignment. There are many types of couplings, and it is important to choose the right one for your application. Here are a few examples of couplings.


The mechanical coupling is an important component in power transmission systems. These couplings come in various forms and can be used in different types of applications. They can be flexible or rigid and operate in compression or shear. In some cases, they are permanently attached to the shaft, while in other cases, they are removable for service.
The simplest type of mechanical coupling is the sleeve coupling. It consists of a cylindrical sleeve with an internal diameter equal to the diameter of the shafts. The sleeve is connected to the shafts by a key that restricts their relative motion and prevents slippage. A few sleeve couplings also have threaded holes to prevent axial movement. This type of coupling is typically used for medium to light-duty torque.
Another type of mechanical coupling is a jaw coupling. It is used in motion control and general low-power transmission applications. This type of coupling does not require lubrication and is capable of accommodating angular misalignment. Unlike other types of couplings, the jaw coupling uses two hubs with intermeshing jaws. The jaw coupling’s spider is typically made of copper alloys. In addition, it is suitable for shock and vibration loads.
Mechanical couplings can be made from a variety of materials. One popular choice is rubber. The material can be natural or chloroprene. These materials are flexible and can tolerate slight misalignment.


Electrical coupling is the process in which a single electrical signal is transferred from a nerve cell to another. It occurs when electrical signals from two nerve cells interact with each other in a way similar to haptic transmission. This type of coupling can occur on its own or in combination with electrotonic coupling in gap junctions.
Electrical coupling is often associated with oscillatory behavior of neurons. The mechanism of electrical coupling is complex and is studied mathematically to understand its effect on oscillatory neuron networks. For example, electrical coupling can increase or decrease the frequency of an oscillator, depending on the state of the neuron coupled to it.
The site of coupling is usually the junction of opposing cell membranes. The cellular resistance and the coupling resistance are measured in voltage-clamp experiments. This type of coupling has a specific resistance of 100 O-cm. As a result, the coupling resistance varies with the frequency.
The authors of this study noted that electrotonic coupling depends on the ratio between the resistance of the nonjunctional membranes and the junctional membranes. The voltage attenuation technique helps reveal the differences in resistance and shunting through the intercellular medium. However, it is unclear whether electrotonic coupling is electrostatically mediated.
Electrical coupling has also been suggested to play a role in the intercellular transfer of information. There are many examples that support this theory. A message can be a distinct qualitative or quantitative signal, which results in a gradient in the cells. Although gap junctions are absent at many embryonic interaction sites, increasing evidence suggests a role in information transfer.


When it comes to choosing the right Flexible Coupling, there are several factors that you should take into account. Among these factors is the backlash that can be caused by the movement of the coupling. The reason for this problem is the fact that couplings that do not have anti-fungal properties can be easily infected by mold. The best way to avoid this is to pay attention to the moisture content of the area where you are installing the coupling. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the best possible installation.
To ensure that you are getting the most out of your flexible couplings, you must consider their characteristics and how easy they are to install, assemble, and maintain. You should also look for elements that are field-replaceable. Another important factor is the coupling’s torsional rigidity. It should also be able to handle reactionary loads caused by misalignment.
Flexible couplings come in many different types. There are diaphragm and spiral couplings. These couplings allow for axial motion, angular misalignment, and parallel offset. They have one-piece construction and are made from stainless steel or aluminum. These couplings also offer high torsional stiffness, which is beneficial for applications requiring high torques.
Flexible couplings have several advantages over their rigid counterparts. They are designed to handle misalignments of up to seven degrees and 0.025 inches. These characteristics are important in motion control applications. Flexible couplings are also inexpensive, and they do not require maintenance.


A beam coupling is a type of mechanical coupling, usually one solid piece, that connects two mechanical parts. Its performance is largely determined by the material used. Typical materials include stainless steel, aluminum, Delrin, and titanium. The beam coupling is rated for different speeds and torques. The coupling should be selected according to the application. In addition to the material, the application should also consider the speed and torque of the system.
There are two main types of beam couplings. The first is the helical beam coupling, which has a continuous multi spiral cut. This type of coupling offers a high degree of flexibility and compensates for a high degree of misalignment. The second type of beam coupling is the helical shaft coupling, which has a low torsional stiffness, which makes it ideal for small torque applications.
Another type of beam coupling is the multiple beam design, which combines two beams. It allows for more tolerance in manufacturing and installation and protects expensive components from excessive bearing loads. It also helps keep beams shorter than a single beam coupling. This type of coupling also enables a higher torque capacity and torsional stiffness.
Beam couplings can be manufactured with different materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. The “A” series is available in aluminum and stainless steel and is ideal for general-purpose and light-duty applications. It is also economical and durable. This type of coupling can also be used with low torque pumps or encoder/resolver systems.

Pin & bush

The Pin & bush coupling is a versatile, general-purpose coupling with high tensile bolts and rubber bushes. It can tolerate a wide range of operating temperatures and is suitable for use in oil and water-resistance applications. Its unique design enables it to be used in either direction. In addition, it requires no lubrication.
The pin bush coupling is a fail-safe coupling with a long service life and is used for high-torque applications. It provides torsional flexibility and dampens shocks, making it a flexible coupling that protects equipment and reduces maintenance costs. Its hubs are forged from graded cast iron for strength and durability. Besides, the coupling’s elastomer elements reduce vibration and impact loads. It also accommodates a misalignment of up to 0.5 degrees.
Pin & bush couplings are a popular choice for a variety of different applications. This coupling features a protective flange design that protects the coupling flange from wear and tear. The coupling nut is secured to one flange, while a rubber or leather bush sits between the other flange. Its unique design makes it ideal for use in applications where misalignment is a small factor. The rubber bushing also helps absorb vibration and shock.

Mesh tooth

Mesh tooth couplings are used to transfer torque between two shafts and reduce backlash. However, mesh tooth couplings have some limitations. One disadvantage is the break-away friction factor in the axial direction. This problem is caused by the high contact force between the tooth and gear mesh. This can cause unpredictable forces on the shafts.
In this paper, we present a FEM model for mesh tooth coupling. We first validate the mesh density. To do so, we compute the bolt stress as a uniaxial tensile during the tightening process. We used different mesh sizes and mesh density to validate our results.
The mesh stiffness of gear pairs is influenced by lead crown relief and misalignment. For example, if one tooth is positioned too far in the axis, the mesh stiffness will be decreased. A misaligned gear pair will lose torque capacity. A mesh tooth coupling can be lubricated with oil.
An ideal mesh tooth coupling has no gaps between the teeth, which reduces the risk of uneven wear. The coupling’s quality exposed fasteners include SAE Grade 5 bolts. It also offers corrosion resistance. The couplings are compatible with industrial environments. They also eliminate the need for selective assembly in sleeve couplings.
China Best Seller Wide Application Gear Joint Drive Shaft CR XL2# Star Flexible Elastic Coupling     capacitor couplingChina Best Seller Wide Application Gear Joint Drive Shaft CR XL2# Star Flexible Elastic Coupling     capacitor coupling
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China 4994075 -1.38.544 Drive Shaft Coupling Fits Fiat Ford New Holland YTO Z=12 High Quality from Turkiye Tractor Spare Parts manufacturer

Issue: New
Guarantee: 6 Months
Applicable Industries: Machinery Repair Outlets, Farms
Fat (KG): .1 KG
Showroom Area: Turkey
Movie outgoing-inspection: Supplied
Machinery Test Report: Supplied
Advertising and marketing Kind: Ordinary Item
Variety: Speak to to Provider
Use: Tractors
Utilised for: Tractors
Product Name: Front Axle Planetary Gear Matches CZPT Circumstance
Application: Tractors
Delivery time: 15 Times
MOQ: 50 Pcs
Following Warranty Support: Online video specialized support
Material: Steel
Use: Tractor Implement Farm Machine
Coloration: Black
Name: Agricuture Tyre
Packaging Particulars: Common PackagingAs For each International Common
Port: Konya,Istanbul, Izmit, Mersin

4994075 Push SHAFT COUPLING CENTRE FIAT CZPT Scenario Large Good quality from Turkey T: twelve Agricultural Equipment PartsNew Holland a hundred-ninety DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/84 – twelve/88)a hundred and ten-ninety DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – twelve/04)a hundred and fifteen-90 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – 12/ninety)one hundred thirty-90 – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – 12/ninety)130-ninety DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/84 – 12/90)a hundred and forty-90 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – twelve/95)a hundred and forty-90 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (LA) (01/ninety six – twelve/00)one hundred sixty-ninety DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – twelve/ninety five)one hundred sixty-90 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (LA) (01/95 – twelve/01)180-ninety DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – twelve/95)one hundred eighty-ninety DT – FIAT TRACTOR (LA) (01/95 – 12/01)8160 – CZPT TRACTOR (01/ninety six – 01/00)8260 – CZPT TRACTOR (02/ninety six – 01/00)8360 – CZPT TRACTOR (09/ninety six – 01/00)8430 – CZPT TRACTOR (LATIN The united states) (01/97 – 12/00)8560 – CZPT TRACTOR (09/96 – 01/00)8630 – CZPT TRACTOR (LATIN The usa) (01/96 – twelve/01)8830 – 6 CYL AG TRACTOR (03/90 – 12/ninety three)8830 – CZPT TRACTOR (LATIN The usa) (01/92 – twelve/ninety three)ninety-90 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (01/eighty four – twelve/91)CS13 – Wide Comfort and ease Taxi (12/eighty five – twelve/90)CS16 – Vast Super Convenience Cab – ninety Sequence (01/ninety five – twelve/01)F100 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (04/ninety – twelve/95)F110 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (04/90 – 12/93)F115 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (04/ninety three – 12/95)F120 – FIAT TRACTOR (04/90 – 12/ninety three)F120 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (04/90 – twelve/93)F130 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (04/ninety – twelve/ninety)F140 DT – FIAT TRACTOR (04/93 – 12/95)M100 – FIAT TRACTOR (09/95 – twelve/99)M115 – FIAT TRACTOR (09/ninety five – twelve/ninety nine)M135 – FIAT TRACTOR (09/95 – twelve/ninety nine)M160 – FIAT TRACTOR (09/ninety five – 12/99)T7.a hundred and forty – TRACTOR MECH Taxi – (BR) (09/13 – 06/17)T7.a hundred and forty – TRACTOR MECH ROPS – (BR) (11/thirteen – 12/sixteen)T7.150 – TRACTOR MECH Taxi – (BR) (eleven/13 – )T7.150 – TRACTOR MECH ROPS – (BR) (09/13 – )T7.165 – TRACTOR MECH Cab – (BR) (eleven/thirteen – 07/fourteen)T7.165 – TRACTOR MECH ROPS – (BR) (eleven/13 – ten/16)T7.180 – TRACTOR MECH Cab – (BR) (eleven/thirteen – )T7.a hundred and eighty – TRACTOR MECH ROPS – (BR) (eleven/13 – )TM110 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (eleven/97 – 06/01)TM115 – TRACTOR (11/00 – 06/02)TM120 – TRACTOR (06/02 – twelve/07)TM120 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (eleven/97 – 06/01)TM125 – TRACTOR (eleven/99 – 06/02)TM130 – TRACTOR (06/02 – 12/07)TM130 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (06/ninety seven – 06/01)TM135 – TRACTOR (eleven/99 – 06/02)TM140 – TRACTOR (06/02 – 12/07)TM140 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (11/97 – 06/01)TM150 – TRACTOR (11/ninety nine – 06/02)TM150 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (07/01 – 01/08)TM165 – TRACTOR (eleven/99 – 06/02)TM165 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (07/01 – 01/08)TM180 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (07/04 – 01/08)TM7571 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (02/08 – 08/13)TM7571 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (02/08 – 08/thirteen)TM7030 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (02/08 – 08/thirteen)TM7040 – TRACTOR (BRAZIL) (02/08 – 08/13) Specification

Warranty6 Months
Applicable IndustriesMachinery Mend Shops, Farms
Weight (KG)0.1KG
Showroom LocationTurkey
Video outgoing-inspectionNot Offered
Machinery Examination ReportProvided
Marketing SortOrdinary Solution
TypeContact to Supplier
Place of OriginTurkey
Brand TitleBRK
Used forTractors
Delivery time15 Times
MOQ50 Pcs
After Warranty ServiceVideo complex assist
As For every Global Regular Launched by an seasoned and effectively-proven team, BRK is a international trade organization that has accomplished fantastic things in a quick time. Our organization, which aims to serve in numerous sectors with its extensive services network and supplier connections, makes and supplies merchandise that are developed in Turkey and have a higher Efficiency / Value ratio.BRK Ltd. With its wide source community and deep market place knowledge in Turkey, it can supply the most suited products on your behalf from the most ideal suppliers for your wants.Our firm, which operates on agriculture, CZPT and spare parts, strives to current its expertise with the wide market share it has captured in the country, to the buyers overseas. 1. who are we?We are primarily based in -, Turkey, start off from 2571,sell to North The us(10.00%),South The us(ten.00%),Eastern Europe(ten.00%),Southeast Asia(10.00%), Cnc plamas Straight gear Helical Milling 1m 1.25m 1.5m 2m cnc equipment rack pinion Device Pinion Africa(10.00%),Oceania(10.00%),Mid East(5.00%),Jap Asia(5.00%),Western Europe(5.00%),Central America(5.00%),Northern Europe(5.00%),Southern Europe(5.00%),South Asia(5.00%),Domestic Industry(5.00%). There are whole about 11-fifty individuals in our place of work.2. how can we promise good quality?Often a pre-manufacturing sample before mass productionAlways final Inspection ahead of shipment3.what can you buy from us?Tractor Components,Agri Parts,Combine Parts,Harvester Parts4. what companies can we offer?Accepted Supply Conditions: FOB,CFR,EXW,FCA,Express Delivery;Accepted Payment Currency:USD, Rv Sequence Nmrv 571-one hundred twenty five NMRV063 equipment box Aluminum Alloy Equipment Wheel Reduction motor Drive Speed Reducer Worm Gearbox EUR,GBPAccepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,MoneyGram,Credit score Card,Western Union,CashLanguage Spoken:English,Chinese,Spanish,Japanese,Portuguese,German,Arabic,French,Russian,Korean,Hindi,Italian
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E-mail :[email protected]
Website :

What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts. It transmits power between them and allows for some misalignment or end movement. There are several types of couplings. The most common ones are gear couplings and planetary couplings. However, there are many others as well.

Transfer of energy

Energy coupling is a process by which two biological reactions are linked by sharing energy. The energy released during one reaction can be used to drive the second. It is a very useful mechanism that synchronizes two biological systems. All cells have two types of reactions, exergonic and endergonic, and they are connected through energy coupling.
This process is important for a number of reasons. The first is that it allows the exchange of electrons and their energy. In a single molecule, this energy transfer involves the exchange of two electrons of different energy and spin. This exchange occurs because of the overlap interaction of two MOs.
Secondly, it is possible to achieve quadratic coupling. This is a phenomenon that occurs in circular membrane resonators when the system is statically deflected. This phenomenon has been gaining a great deal of interest as a mechanism for stronger coupling. If this mechanism is employed in a physical system, energy can be transferred on a nanometer scale.
The magnetic field is another important factor that affects the exchange of energy between semiconductor QWs. A strong magnetic field controls the strength of the coupling and the energy order of the exciton. The magnetic field can also influence the direction of polariton-mediated energy transfer. This mechanism is very promising for controlling the routing of excitation in a semiconductor.


Couplings play a variety of functions, including transferring power, compensating for misalignment, and absorbing shock. These functions depend on the type of shaft being coupled. There are four basic types: angular, parallel, and symmetrical. In many cases, coupling is necessary to accommodate misalignment.
Couplings are mechanical devices that join two rotating pieces of equipment. They are used to transfer power and allow for a small degree of end-to-end misalignment. This allows them to be used in many different applications, such as the transmission from the gearbox to the differential in an automobile. In addition, couplings can be used to transfer power to spindles.


There are two main types of couplings: rigid and flexible. Rigid couplings are designed to prevent relative motion between the two shafts and are suitable for applications where precise alignment is required. However, high stresses in the case of significant misalignment can cause early failure of the coupling. Flexible couplings, on the other hand, allow for misalignment and allow for torque transmission.
A software application may exhibit different types of coupling. The first type involves the use of data. This means that one module may use data from another module for its operation. A good example of data coupling is the inheritance of an object. In a software application, one module can use another module’s data and parameters.
Another type of coupling is a rigid sleeve coupling. This type of coupling has a pipe with a bore that is finished to a specified tolerance. The pipe contains two threaded holes for transmitting torque. The sleeve is secured by a gib head key. This type of coupling may be used in applications where a couple of shafts are close together.
Other types of coupling include common and external. Common coupling occurs when two modules share global data and communication protocols. This type of coupling can lead to uncontrollable error propagation and unforeseen side effects when changes are made to the system. External coupling, on the other hand, involves two modules sharing an external device interface or communication protocol. Both types of coupling involve a shared code structure and depend on the external modules or hardware.
Mechanical couplings are essential in power transmission. They connect rotating shafts and can either be rigid or flexible, depending on the accuracy required. These couplings are used in pumps, compressors, motors, and generators to transmit power and torque. In addition to transferring power, couplings can also prevent torque overload.


Different coupling styles are ideal for different applications, and they have different characteristics that influence the coupling’s reliability during operation. These characteristics include stiffness, misalignment capability, ease of installation and maintenance, inherent balance, and speed capability. Selecting the right coupling style for a particular application is essential to minimize performance problems and maximize utility.
It is important to know the requirements for the coupling you choose before you start shopping. A proper selection process takes into account several design criteria, including torque and rpm, acoustic signals, and environmental factors. Once you’ve identified these parameters, you can select the best coupling for the job.
A gear coupling provides a mechanical connection between two rotating shafts. These couplings use gear mesh to transmit torque and power between two shafts. They’re typically used on large industrial machines, but they can also be used in smaller motion control systems. In smaller systems, a zero-backlash coupling design is ideal.
Another type of coupling is the flange coupling. These are easy to manufacture. Their design is similar to a sleeve coupling. But unlike a sleeve coupling, a flange coupling features a keyway on one side and two threaded holes on the other. These couplings are used in medium-duty industrial applications.
Besides being useful for power transmission, couplings can also prevent machine vibration. If vibration occurs in a machine, it can cause it to deviate from its predetermined position, or damage the motor. Couplings, however, help prevent this by absorbing the vibration and shock and preventing damage to expensive parts.
Couplings are heavily used in the industrial machinery and electrical industries. They provide the necessary rotation mechanism required by machinery and other equipment. Coupling suppliers can help customers find the right coupling for a specific application.

Criteria for selecting a coupling

When selecting a coupling for a specific application, there are a number of different factors to consider. These factors vary greatly, as do operating conditions, so selecting the best coupling for your system can be challenging. Some of these factors include horsepower, torque, and speed. You also need to consider the size of the shafts and the geometry of the equipment. Space restrictions and maintenance and installation requirements should also be taken into account. Other considerations can be specific to your system, such as the need for reversing.
First, determine what size coupling you need. The coupling’s size should be able to handle the torque required by the application. In addition, determine the interface connection, such as straight or tapered keyed shafts. Some couplings also feature integral flange connections.
During the specification process, be sure to specify which materials the coupling will be made of. This is important because the material will dictate most of its performance characteristics. Most couplings are made of stainless steel or aluminum, but you can also find ones made of Delrin, titanium, or other engineering-grade materials.
One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a coupling is its torque capability. If the torque rating is not adequate, the coupling can be damaged or break easily. Torque is a major factor in coupling selection, but it is often underestimated. In order to ensure maximum coupling performance, you should also take into consideration the size of the shafts and hubs.
In some cases, a coupling will need lubrication throughout its lifecycle. It may need to be lubricated every six months or even once a year. But there are couplings available that require no lubrication at all. An RBI flexible coupling by CZPT is one such example. Using a coupling of this kind can immediately cut down your total cost of ownership.
China 4994075 -1.38.544 Drive Shaft Coupling Fits Fiat Ford New Holland YTO Z=12 High Quality from Turkiye Tractor Spare Parts     manufacturer China 4994075 -1.38.544 Drive Shaft Coupling Fits Fiat Ford New Holland YTO Z=12 High Quality from Turkiye Tractor Spare Parts     manufacturer
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160HP wholesaler made in China – replacement parts – steel drive shaft Large Wheel Farm Agri Construction Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 various branches. For much more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

160HP  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts -  steel drive shaft Large Wheel Farm Agri Construction Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

2010 camaro ss driveshaft “EPG” vw sharan push shaft brand name cardan generate rotocultivator entrance drive shaft for 2002 jeep grand cherokee ploughshares sprinter travel shaft in john deere 1025r pto shaft T.S. pto shafts and yokes canada overall bmw 1 series rear travel shaft strains wheel push shaft developed drive shaft viva in our manufacturing unit have been tested and appraised by the Ministry of Agriculture and have attained the license of popularizing farm machinery promulgated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. Adhering to “Survival by Top quality, Improvement by Technologies & Credit history”, The organization will continuously increase solution efficiency to fulfill the growing consumer demands in the rigorous style of function.

160HP Huge Wheel Farm Agri EPT Tractor

one.YTO/Yuchai Motor
two.Generate Wheel:4 wheel drive(4*4)

three.4-stroke engines with substantial torque reserve.
four.Adju EPT entrance and rear tracks.
five.Total hydraulic steering.

Specialized Parameters

Product No. TL1604
Variety four*four
Engine Product LR6M3Z-23( EPT Motor)
Rated power(kw) 118
RPM 2300
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 5286*2320*2965/3145
Tread(mm) Front 1760(1650,1778,1862,1888,1972,1990,2100)
Rear 1750~1860(1650~1760,1854~1964,1954~2064,2054~2164,2158~2268,2258~2368)
Wheelbase 2834
Clutch Kind Solitary blade,dry,one function, puppy-engagement, Air support hydrostatic pedal driven
Equipment Box Straight and helical teeth gear transmission, composed, Synchronizer and meshing gear shift, aspect procedure.
Gear change 32F+24R(Shuttle gift)
Fat (kg) 6200
Tyre Front fourteen.9-28
Rear eighteen.4-38
PTO(RPM) Rear seperated, 540/one thousand rpm
PTO Shaft Spline (mm) 8D-38×32×6
Other individuals Generate cabin,AC, 3-way valve, hydaulic steering, independent force lifter, Creep shift



Tractor Functions
1.Gas use get to upto 1 liter/hour diesel.
two. Differential lock prevent rear whee EPT skidding when climbing, functioning in paddy land and rainy climate.
three.Equip with double pace of PTO shaft 540/760 rpm. Tailored to various subject variety.
4.Undertake entire hydraulic steering, impartial fuel tank, easy running and large mobility. 
five.Adju EPT entrance and rear tracks meet agricultural needs of different areas. Added-massive water tank and high potential routine maintenance-free of charge battery make the equipment with ideal heat-dispersion and starting overall performance.
six.Can adopt to different implements,these kinds of as plough,disc plough,ratory tiller,disc harrow,etc

Pre-sales service
one, 24 hrs on the internet .Your inquiry will be quick reply  by email . 
two,Professionally and patiently introduction,detai EPT pictures and functioning video clip to demonstrate equipment .
three,Visting our manufacturing facility.

Service on product sales
1,Examination every machine and examine the equipment severely . 
2,Send out the machine image which you purchase , then packing it with stHangZhourd export deal soon after you confirm the device is alright .
3,Supply:If ship by sea .right after shipping to seaport .Will explain to you the shipping and delivery time and arrival time . Finally, deliver all unique documents to you by Convey. We will explain to you the monitoring number following we submit the paperwork.

Right after-product sales service
1, 24 several hours on the web to remedy any issue . Supply you English guide guide and technological help , maintain and install online video to help you resolve the issue, or dispatch employee to your manufacturing unit.
2 Instruction how to set up the equipment, coaching how to use, sustain and restore the machine.

1. What is the voltage/section for this equipment ?
220V 50Hz/solitary phase ,380V 50Hz/3 section .We also could make in accordance to customer’s necessity.
2. What is your conditions of payment?
T/T 30% as deposit, and &70% before supply. We will demonstrate you the photos of the merchandise and deals ahead of you shell out the stability.
three. What your phrases of shipping?
four. How about your shipping time?
Usually, it will get about thirteen times after receipt of deposit payment. The certain shipping and delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.
five. What is actually your MOQ?
one established
6. How should I do if meet up with some trouble although employing?
We can provide English guide ebook and also consider a video for showing how to solve the problems or dispatch our employee to your factory.



160HP  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts -  steel drive shaft Large Wheel Farm Agri Construction Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

Best made in China – replacement parts – pintle Chain & sprocket manufacturer : OEM: 40 heavy roller chain in Srinagar India 4728159 Hv-069 Hv-071 Hv-076 Hv-077 Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

Best  made in China - replacement parts - pintle Chain & sprocket manufacturer : OEM: 40 heavy roller chain  in Srinagar India  4728159 Hv-069 Hv-071 Hv-076 Hv-077 Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the biggest Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing unit in China with 5 diverse branches. For much more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Ever-Energy Group CO., LTD. IS Specialist IN Creating ALL Kinds OF MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION AND HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION LIKE: PLANETARY GEARBOXES, WORM REDUCERS, IN-LINE HELICAL Equipment Pace REDUCERS, PARALLEL SHAFT HELICAL Equipment REDUCERS, HELICAL BEVEL REDUCERS, HELICAL WORM Gear REDUCERS, AGRICULTURAL GEARBOXES, TRACTOR GEARBOXES, Automobile GEARBOXES, PTO Travel SHAFTS, Unique REDUCER & Related Equipment Components AND OTHER Connected Merchandise, SPROCKETS, HYDRAULIC Method, VACCUM PUMPS, FLUID COUPLING, Gear RACKS, CHAINS, TIMING PULLEYS, UDL Pace VARIATORS, V PULLEYS, HYDRAULIC CYLINDER, Equipment PUMPS, SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS, SHAFT COLLARS Lower BACKLASH WORM REDUCERS AND pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes SO ON. corrosion- Excellent attention has been paid on environmental safety and power preserving. and put on-resistant coiled tubing injector roller chain assemblies for the oil and fuel industries. Obtainable in single and double pitch push chain varieties with various sizes and energy rating. Attributes contain zinc-nickel and non-hexavalent chromate protecting exterior coating, electrochemically bonded, and interference in shape cover plates. Manufacturer of roller drive chains for power transmission programs from standard industrial to operations in specialized places such as foodstuff processing, large development equipment, and oil discipline solutions. Available in double pitch generate and regular roller chains with single and several strand configurations. Requirements incorporate .25 to 3 in. chain pitch, .thirteen to 1.88 in. distance in between sidebars, and .09 to .94 in. pin diameter. Available with features these kinds of as case-hardened and armor-cased pins, pre-stressed method, corrosion and shock resistance, and stainless steel resources. Offers post-sale assistance companies.
OEM:4728159 HV-069 HV-071 HV-076 HV-077 Transfer Output Shaft Push Chain
Utilizing high-quality raw resources, with lengthy provider life, lighter excess weight, much more stable, reduced noise, large tensile toughness, large basic safety efficiency. At existing, it is mainly utilized for transfer case of jeep, Mitsubishi, Mazda, BMW, Toyota and EPT connected types.
See the underneath our  transfer situation chain OEM code for confirm, if any want, you should do not be reluctant to make contact with with us.

EPT Business Co., Ltd. is a specialised supplier of a full selection of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, v belt pulley, timing pulley, V-belts, couplings, machined parts and so on.

Because of to our sincerity in giving be EPT support to our clientele, knowing of your needs and overriding feeling of obligation towards filling ordering demands, we have received the tru EPT of consumers worldwide. Having accrued precious encounter in cooperating with overseas buyers, our items are promoting nicely in the American, European, South American and Asian marketplaces.Our merchandise are manufactured by present day computerized equipment and gear. In the meantime, our items are manufactured according to high quality stHangZhourds, and complying with the worldwide advanced stHangZhourd conditions.

With many years’ experience in this line, we will be trustworthy by our rewards in competitive value, one-time shipping and delivery, prompt response, on-hand engineering support and very good after-income solutions.

In addition, all our manufacturing methods are in compliance with ISO9001 stHangZhourds. We also can design and make non-stHangZhourd products to meet customers’ particular requirements. Top quality and credit score are the bases that make a company alive. We will give be EPT companies and high good quality goods with all sincerity. If you need any info or samples, you should get in touch with us and you will have our quickly reply.

The use of first gear manufacturer’s (OEM) element quantities or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our organization and the shown replacement elements contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or created by the OEM.

Best  made in China - replacement parts - pintle Chain & sprocket manufacturer : OEM: 40 heavy roller chain  in Srinagar India  4728159 Hv-069 Hv-071 Hv-076 Hv-077 Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

Best  made in China - replacement parts - pintle Chain & sprocket manufacturer : OEM: 40 heavy roller chain  in Srinagar India  4728159 Hv-069 Hv-071 Hv-076 Hv-077 Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

Best  made in China - replacement parts - pintle Chain & sprocket manufacturer : OEM: 40 heavy roller chain  in Srinagar India  4728159 Hv-069 Hv-071 Hv-076 Hv-077 Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

Best  made in China - replacement parts - pintle Chain & sprocket manufacturer : OEM: 40 heavy roller chain  in Srinagar India  4728159 Hv-069 Hv-071 Hv-076 Hv-077 Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain with ce certificate top quality low price